Kimberly Logan

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Beth, played wonderfully here by Kimberly Logan...Logan's emotionally raw and real - Northwest Indiana Times

...vivacious and sharp tongued with a biting wit... - Chicago Theatre Beat

In addition to acting, I'm obsessed with the tv series The West Wing (and to some extent Aaron Sorkin), I read & listen to audio books of all sorts (Dean Koontz, J.D. Robb and Jonathan Kellerman are at the top of my list, though David Hill who reads the Jack Reacher novels by Lee Child is quickly making them a favorite, too), I enjoy traveling to new locales & revisiting old faves (London/Paris is a favorite combo trip I've repeated twice now) and since 2007, I've made almost all of my online purchases through  I started working for the company in 2008 and love that every purchase I make online means a donation to the charity or cause of MY choice.


Fight Girl Battle World

Kimberly Logan brings surprising depth, and kick-ass combat skills, to her Vulcan-like portrayal of J’an Jah, the loyal pilot who betrays his heart for the good of humanity. - Chicago Stage Standard

But the performances — especially Hambrock's thoroughly ingratiating LC-4, Logan's contained-but-aching J'an, and Grabowski's world-weary but heart-on-sleeve General — make the more self-indulgent stretches go down easy.  - Chicago Tribune

Julius Caesar
More laurels are to be offered to the more moderate, though no less skilled, performances of Logan and Gorsky.  - Chicago Theatre Review

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