Kimberly Logan

Crazy Cabbage Challenge (Mildly Mad) by J. Farmer

How can growing cabbages turn into a contact sport? Our farmers are at it again with a new challenge. This time the rules are made to be broken.

For those interested in STEM education, a "State of the Science" audio article is provided explaining supercomputers to help bridge listeners from the world of science-fiction to reality.

A selection of audiobooks which I've narrated...

Attack of the Summer Snowmen (Mildly Mad) by J. Farmer

Escalating his battle to keep his crops, Henry White brings his Summer Snowman online to patrol his fields. Little does he know that his desire to create a better scarecrow is just the beginning of his troubles.

For those interested in STEM education a “State of the Science” Article is provided explaining the history and future of cybernetic technology to help bridge readers from the pages of science fiction to reality.